NUMBERS 1 – 73 Autumn 1980 to Autumn 2022

  1. AUTUMN 1980

Stone 256 – Gravestone Survey

Pictorial Potton – Photographic Collection                Patricia Yates

Davies the Draper – Davies Family from 1871 Census     Peter Ibbett

Notice of AGM 1980 – New Constitution                                    

Where did the Name Potton come from?                        Patricia Yates

2.SPRING 1981

The Film Project – Mr Randall’s 1950 Films

Dipping into the Past – Britain’s archaeology                   C E Joel

Gravestone Survey      George Howe

Queries – Extract from 1830 Trade Directory                   Peter Ibbett

Archive News – Availability of our archive material

3. WINTER 1981

Potton Days 1929 – 1937 – Memories of Roy Rodwell     Roy Rodwell

Shopping in Potton – Memories of 1960                          Philip Reynolds Historical Hedges Ralph Yates

 4. WINTER 1982

News from Abroad – Details of letter from Quebec           Patricia Yates

               Land values in Potton – Past and present                        Norman Parry

               Carter Family                                                                Peter Ibbett

               Early Motoring Days 1923/4                                           Horace Spriggs

               Shannon – Captain Peel                                                Ralph Yates

               An Australians’ Visit – Visit to Potton of Aaron Gibbs’  Ancestor

5. SPRING 1984

Sun Street Traders                                                        Peter Ibbett

               Don’t throw it away                                                        Norman Parry

               People and Places –                Potton Coins   C E Joel

                 Australia – Stan Gibbs      Canada  –  E J O Eberdt

               The Other Potton –   Quebec                                          Roy Rodwell

Recollections                                                                Cyril Croot

6. SPRING 1985           

Nicholas Sparks – Casualty of Potton Fire)                      Norman Parry

                O A Bartle – Omnibus Proprietor                                    George Howe

                Family History – William Robarts

 7. SPRING 1986

Migration – Movement of Potton People                          Norman Parry

               Letter from James Paine to F B Saville         re Mr Holme Schoolmaster

               Family History – Robarts (Contd)                                     William Robarts

               100 Not Out –                     P Ibbett recalls his years as Prog.Secretary   

               Visit to Remember – Potton Manor 25/02/1978                Trevor Ball

               Potton Occupations 1881-1884                                       Peter Ibbett

 8. SPRING 1987

               Potton Market Square – New Edition                              Peter Ibbett

               Letter Box Design                                                         Ellen Cameron

               Link with Gunpowder Plot – Spencers                             Norman Parry

               Did Marconi come to Potton?                                         Roy Rodwell

               Glimpse into the Past – Potton Map 1754                        Mary Leigh

 9. SPRING 1988

               Recent Research on the Manors of Potton                     Anita Lewis

               The Owners of Potton Manor                                         Trevor Ball

               Frederick Gouldthorpe Smith – Election Document                     

               Heritage Centres                                                           Norman Parry

               Council for the Preservation of Rural England                 J Bullard

               Conservation Group – Plans to walk & Photograph Footpaths     

 10. AUTUMN 1989

Editorial – 50 years since World War II was declared                  

        War Time Memories                                                      Norman Parry

Peace Day Celebrations                          

               Events 1930-1945 remembered                                      Sidney Emery

               The First Great War 1914-18                                          D Kitchener

               World War II Memories                                                  Trevor Ball

               “When the Boat comes in”                                              Anita Lewis

               1939 – 1945                                                                  Ann Barker

11. SUMMER 1990

Bedfordshire County Council Conservation Day              Boo Matthews

               The Continuing Saga of Potton Manor                            Trevor Ball

               The Robarts Family                                                       Patricia Yates

               Hearth Tax Return 1671                                                 Patricia Yates

               St Blaise – A Potton Connection                                     Patricia Yates

Archaeological Council                                                  Norman Parry

               From Scribe to Computer                                               Peter Ibbett 

For your Bookshelf                                                        Anita Lewis

Letters to the Society – Mrs Stephanie Voss-Carson       Anita Lewis

12. SUMMER 1991

A Surprise Package – Re Donation of Posters                 Patricia Yates

               Local History Conference – July 1989                             Norman Parry

               The Continuing Saga of Potton Manor                            Trevor Ball

               The Bedfordshire Times 24th March 1899 – An extract     Norman Parry

               Great Fire of Potton 1783                                              Peter Ibbett

               It’s Better to Travel Hopefully than to Arrive –

                 Family History – Rivers Family                           Anita Lewis

               For your Bookshelf                                                        Anita Lewis

13.SPRING 1992

               February 14th 1945 Remembered                                   Patricia Yates

               A Dangerous Nuisance – 1875 Riding Bicycles               Mary Leigh

Childhood Memories                                                      Connie Holben

               Childhood Memories                                                Audrey Woodman

               Emilie Gladys Lind Smith 1888-1991-                       Tribute by E Jakes   

               Mid Bedfordshire Links – 4th Beds Conference at Potton    Peter Ibbett

               Instructions to Parish Constables 1616                           Norman Parry

   14. SPRING 1993

                Report of Fourth Mid Beds Local History Conference

               Letter from Steer-Jones Chairman, Roxton History Society         

               Memories of the Mid Beds Conference – Tea                  Anita Lewis

               The Journal of Emily Shore                                            Peter Ibbett

               Rural Unrest – early 19th Century

               The Scary Sootlers – Memories of the soot collectors      Ivy Wash

  15. AUTUMN 1993

                5th Mid Beds Conference – Langford History Society

               Maggi Solly Museums Officer for Bedfordshire

               Poaching – Story of Poaching at Deepdale                      Norman Parry

               From the Archives – Posters 60 & 90 years ago

               The B1040 to Ramsey – Report of First Historical Day

                           Trip 1993                                                          Peter Ibbett

               On the trail of the B1040 – Report of day trip                   Lindsay Wright

               In Search of Margaret Emily Shore – Funchal Madeira     Anita Lewis      

               Attack at Cockayne Hatley by Armed Gang from

               Wrestlingworth – Occurrence in 15th C                A Crossley

               Bedfordshire Local History Association – Formation 1993

16. SPRING 1994

Research Rooms – New premises 1994                                     

               Beds Local History Association News 1994

               Potton Library – Computerised service

               Potton Manor – The continuing Saga – Part III                 Trevor Ball

               Potton Manor – The continuing Saga – Part IV                Anthea Cox

               Common or Open Fields – an explanation                       Norman Parry

               Fires should be no More – Potton Famous for fires 1877  Peter Ibbett

St Mary’s Church Celebrations                                       George Howe

Penance – Judith Endersby 1725

17. AUTUMN 1994

               Research Rooms – Report of move to Biggleswade Road

               Exploring Ickwell – 1994 Mid Beds  Conference.              Peter Ibbett

               The History of Potton Trust Fund – A Royal Connection   Patricia Yates

               Early Working Days Remembered 1937-1957                 John Whitmore

               A Victorian Ornithologist – Diary of Emily Shore               Boo Matthews

               Life in 1945 – Request for Memories of this year             Peter Ibbett

18. SPRING 1995

               B1040 to Crowland – Report of Day Trip 1994                 Peter Ibbett

               Saint Waltheof – Owner of Potton during time of William

                           The Conquerer                                                   Mary Leigh

               From Kings Cross to Potton – Joseph Thomas Smith      Frank Sells

               Aircraft Crash in Potton Wood in 1945                             Tony Crossley

               100 Years of Potton Town Council                                  Anita Lewis

               Unveiling new Town Sign by Eric Jakes                          Anita Lewis

19.AUTUMN 1995

               Archive Room News

               New Logo and model of Market Square – Keith Lawrence

               The Greensand Ridge Trip                                             Peter Ibbett

               The Richardson Family of Potton 1600-1800                   Anita Lewis

               Land Settlement Association                                         Norman Parry

               Bring out the Guns                                                         Phyllis Collins

               The Toddington Conference                                           Peter Ibbett

20. SPRING 1996

Bedfordshire Local History Association

Coach Trip 1996 – North Beds – Announcement

New Publication – Tracing Your Ancestors in Beds

Jazz on the Lawn at Cockayne Hatley Announcement

21. AUTUMN 1996

               Bedfordshire Local History Conference at Biggleswade   Peter Ibbett

               The Return of the Potton Car                                         Tony Crossley

               Potton Gar Company                                                     Donald  Huckle

               Discovering North Beds – Coach Trip                             Peter Ibbett

               Potton 1945                                                                  Patricia Yates

               Policy for Retaining Archive Material

  22. SPRING 1997

               United Reformed or Congregational Church                    Norman Parry

               Bedfordshire Local History Association – AGM   

               A Job Well Done – Restoration on Two Manor Pictures   Keith Lawrence

               Memories of a Lifetime in Potton –                            Violet Louise Taylor

               Potton Car Company – Part 2

               Newcastle to Biggleswade by Boat                                 Peter Ibbett

               On the Trail of the Cycling Club                                      Mary Leigh

23. AUTUMN 1997

               Potton Car                                                                    George Howe

               Research Report No. 6- Land Usage and Enclosures

               1997 Beds Local History Conference Dunstable                Peter Ibbett

               In Memorium – Frederick Spriggs

               In There and Aussie in your Attic                                                           

               More Australian Connections                                         Norman Parry

               An Apology – Re letter from Miss Collins to Malcolm  Stewart

   in Newsletter 19 – the lady was Phyllis Clayton

               South Bedfordshire Trip – Society Coach Trip                 Peter Ibbett

               Proposed Everton Heath Airfield                                    Norman Parry

24. SPRING 1998

                Recent Additions to the Collection – Ken Lawson’s Biography

               Methodist Chapel – Historical details

               Advert – Potton Manor – an Enigma                               Trevor Ball

               Photographic Collection

               The Life and Times of an Ordinary Pottonian –                Ken Lawson

               The 1901 Census – Preview of this Census                                           

               How others see us – Report of an Australian’s visit to Potton

               In Memory of Frederick Spriggs

   25. AUTUMN 1998

               Lectern and Stand for the Society 1998                           Keith Lawrence

  Cockayne Hatley – Extracts from J M Neale’s Diary

               A Bit of Military History – John Sabey’s Will 1815             Norman Parry

               School Visitors – Potton School 1936/37                         Roy Rodwell

               Poem by Nellie Richardson on School Life in Potton 1910           

               The Moving Population George Minnett & Vic Bumberry   Norman Parry

               The Complete English Traveller by Nathaniel Spencer 1771        

               The 10th Beds  Conference – Cockayne Hatley                Peter Ibbett

26 SPRING 1999

               21st Anniversary Dinner                                                  Jean McLennan

               After the Dinner                                                             Peter Ibbett

               Wrestlingworth Murder – Sarah Dazeley                          R J Cooper

               Letter from South Africa  – re Bumberry                      C V T Bumberry

               Into the Bumberry Archives                                            Norman Parry

               The John O’Gaunt Connection                                       Patricia Yates

               The Burgoyne Connection                                              Patricia Yates

               Personal Memories 1975-1985                                       Patricia Yates

27. AUTUMN 1999

               Microfiche – List of available Records                             Norman Parry

               Carlton Mid Beds History Conference 5th June 1999        Peter Ibbett

               A Job Worth Doing – Recording Memorials                     Ken Lawson

                Historic Money Values                                                   Jean McLennan

               Sarah Carter 1793-1865                                                 Norman Parry

               National Census Information 1881 and 1901                   Norman Parry

               To Buckden – Eventually – Coach Trip to Buckden           Peter Ibbett

               A Family Tale of the Boer War – Thomas Parry               Norman Parry

The Price of Christianity – from Parish Register               Jean McLennan

    A Visit to Cockayne Hatley – Extracts from Diary of J M Neale in 1839                                                       Tony Crossley

28. SPRING 2000

               Parish Registers – Cambridgeshire                                            

               1901 Census Project                                                     Norman Parry

                Potton at the South Pole – Potton Homes Logo                          

               Potton in 1899                                                               Peter Ibbett

               The Garden at Chatsworth by the Duchess of Devonshire

               Mr John Alexander Whitehead of Cockayne Hatley – Aircraft Manufacturer Tony Crossley                                         

               The Lacemakers of Bedfordshire                                   Jean McLennan

               The 1881 Census                                                          Norman Parry

               29. AUTUMN 2000

               12th Bedfordshire Conference June 2000-Roxton             Peter Ibbett

               Our Potton Millennium Celebrations                                George Howe

               Time for Reflection – A playlet                                        Keith Lawrence

               In at The Deep End – Keith Lawrence reflects on his

                                                 acting for the Millennium Show        Keith Lawrence

Potton Weather – Lightning Strikes The Paddocks           Norman Parry

Potton Public Houses – Bigg Chronicle Article                 Norman Parry   

               Not a Village – Reflecting on ad by Persimmon Homes    Jean McLennan

              From Coalbrookdale to Potton                                       Peter Ibbett

1901  Census Project

               World War One – POW Camps                                      Norman Parry   

A Step into the World of Romanticism –

                           Roxton Congregational Church                           Jean McLennan

               1881 Census – Former Potton Residents                        Norman Parry

               Mr Smith the Blacksmith –                          Reminiscences of Frank Sells

30. SPRING 2001

               Pubs Index – News of National Index

               The Enumerator’s Tale – A Poem

               Bob Darlow – Sutton Postman              Bob Darlow/Philip Westmoreland

               Chimney Stacks – A Potted History                                Keith Lawrence

               Year 2000 weather                                                        Norman Parry

               A Senior Citizen Defined                                                R Cooper

               Ken’s Poem

31. AUTUMN 2001                                                                                

               Bedfordshire Conference at Clapham                             Peter Ibbett

               A Remarkable Piece of Detective Work – Mary Ann Sabey and George

Inskip         Alan Sabey

               Chancery – June 1737 – Elaynor Apthorpe                      Norman Parry

               Sutton Memories                                                           Pat Thwaites

               Wartime Memories -The Police Cycle Messenger Service Ken Lawson

               Potton – A seat of learning?                                           Norman Parry

The Captain of the Men of Death – Notice of Bedford Board Of Health                   Jean McLennan

               And Smallpox Too!

               What to Believe – History of Fox and Crown PH              Norman Parry

               A Day out with Potton History Society                             Keith Lawrence

               Two Mysterious Letters – Geo James Day & Jn Bitterill    Peter Ibbett

32. SPRING 2002

               A Tribute to Michael and Muriel Ibbett                             Peter Ibbett

               Mystery of a Green Glass Seal – Found in Horne Lane    Patricia Yates

               Bedfordshire War Memorial Project                                 Ken Lawson

                In Celebration of Norman Parry’s Life with PHS               George Howe

               Edward Hutchinson and Gordon Jack Hutchinson       Jack Hutchinson Advertising as an Art Form          Vera Parry

               If only Bricks could Talk Part 1                                       Peter Ibbett

               A Little Bit of Family History –Willie Oliver Baynes           Keith Lawrence

               33. AUTUMN 2002                

Potton Celebrates Again – The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

                                            and our Own Silver Jubilee   George Howe

               My Model of Potton Shambles 1995                               Keith Lawrence

               An Appreciation of Trevor Ball                                        Patricia Yates

               If Only Bricks Could Talk – Pt 2 –

             The Life and Times of a Potton Shop – Brick Fatigue     Peter Ibbett

34. SPRING 2003

               PHS Enters the Digital Age                                            Peter Ibbett

The Cemetery Project                                                    Ken Lawson

Potton History Society’s  Silver Jubilee Dinner                 George Howe

               A Glimpse into the Past – Rose & Crown                         Patricia Yates

               The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations in Potton

               31st May to 4th June 2002                                   Pat & Brian Thwaites

               Visit to Tempsford Airfield 27th July 2002                         Jean McLennan

               Cinemas – Local in Bedfordshire                                     Jean McLennan

If only Bricks Could Talk – Part 3                                     Peter Ibbett

35. AUTUMN 2003

               The Mystery Sign up Gam’gy Road                                George Howe

               Canned Laughter                                                           Keith Lawrence

               Rodents in  the Market Square                                       Ken Lawson

               Sutton Packhorse Bridge                                               Don Hill

               Committee Members 1977 – 2003                                  Patricia Yates

               If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 4                                   Peter Ibbett

               A Wonderful day Out                                                     Mary Leigh

36. SPRING 2004

               The Mystery of the Sign up Gamgy Road – Part 2           George Howe

               Archive Quiz Dec 2003

               Sutton Packhorse Bridge in my Lifetime                          Christine Harper

               Memories of Potton                                                       Jean McLennan

               The Coach Trip                                                             Keith Lawrence

               Michaelmas Labour Fairs                                               Jean McLennan

               Two Peters of Potton                                                    Peter Ibbett

               The Smoothing Iron                                                       Keith Lawrence

               A Winters Tale                                                               Jean McLenna

               If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 5                                   Peter Ibbett

               Salute the Soldier Week

37. AUTUMN 2004

               Letters                                                                          Bob Darlow

               Party On Potton – 2004                                               George Howe

               Sutton Packhorse Bridge                                              Don Hill

               The Sod                                                                       Keith Lawrence

               Bazaar at Potton                                                           Jean McLennan

               A Interesting Will                                                           Norman Parry

               The Churchyard Wall                                                     Anita Lewis

38. SPRING 2005

               Music Making in Potton                                                 George Howe

               Charity Concert 1982                                                     Patricia Yates

               If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 6                                   Peter Ibbett

               The Sod – Trodden by Ancient Feet Part 2                      Keith Lawrence

               Potton Home Guard                                                       R G Darlow

               Memories of World War Two at Potton                           Cyril Goldsmith

               Potton to Sutton Circular Walk                                        Christine Harper

               Oh Roses of England!                                                         Keith Lawrence

39 AUTUMN 2005

               Solstice – A Very Ancient Celebration     Gerard Leduc (Potton Canada)

               If Only Bricks Could Talk Part 7                                      Peter Ibbett

               William Wisdom’s View of Potton                                              

               Flag Fen Trip                                                                 Keith Lawrence

               Coach Trip 2005 – The Inside Story                               George Howe

               Two War Time Memories                                               Bob Darlow

               Two Ghost Stories                                                         Cyril Goldsmith

               Dangerous Times

               The Sod – Trodden by Ancient Feet –The Roman Coin   Keith Lawrence

 40 SPRING 2006

               On The Road in 1910                                                     Keith Lawrence

               If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 8                                   Peter Ibbett

               A Mole in Cambridgeshire Record Office                                   

               Elizabeth Wagstaff                                                        Patricia Yates

               Polling Day April 1879                                                    Jean McLennan

               The Sod – The Search Expands                                    Keith Lawrence

               Who Asked Them to Come                                            Cyril Goldsmith

  41 AUTUMN 2006

               50 Years of the Clockhouse      

The Last Clock Winder                                                   George Howe

               Party on Potton 2006

               Potton Town Walk                                                         George Howe

               Milestones                                                                    Keith Lawrence

               Potton Gas & Coke Co

               Biggleswade Poor Law Union                                         Jean McLennan

               Potton Drainage

               The Sod – After Archaeologists Exploratory Dig              Keith Lawrence

               Writing History                                                              Stan K Evers

               Cemetery Statistics 1882-2005                                       Ken Lawson

42 SPRING 2007

               2007 Local History Conference & AGM

               Shocking Railway Accident                                            Keith Lawrence

               Potton & District Working Men’s Club                              Ken Lawson

               My First Trip to Helions Bumpstead                                Keith Lawrence

               Home Cures                                                                  Jean McLennan

               St. Benoit-du-lac – Lake Memphremagog                       Peter Downman

               How was Soot Used in Bedfordshire

 43 AUTUMN 2007

               Potton Car – Little Eva                                                 George Howe

               Places to Visit                                                               George Howe

               Developments in the Archives                                    Peter Ibbett

               Potton Manor – Another Episode                               Bob Ingledew

               On the Trail of JA1874 Pt.1                                            Keith Lawrence

               Byng, Torrington, Whitbread – The Potton Connection     Patricia R Yates

               A Local Football Match – Beds Times Dec.1874             Keith Lawrence

               Changing Times – Verse                                                 Keith Lawrence

    44. SPRING 2008

               30th Anniversary of the Launch of PHS                           Peter Ibbett

               A Snippet of the Secret History of RAF Tempsford          Keith Lawrence

               HM Forces Rest Room and Canteen

               On the Trail of ‘JA1874’ – Part 2                                     Keith Lawrence

               Potton History Society – How Things Began               Patricia R Yates

               A Photo in a Biscuit Tin                                                  George Howe

               We’ll Eat Again                                                              Anita Lewis

               Another Czech Story                                                     Keith Lawrence

45.AUTUMN 2008

               An Introduction to Potton Charities                              Patricia R Yates

               From Cornwall to Potton                                                Keith Lawrence

               Tempsford Airfield 1942 – 1945                                     Keith Lawrence

               Party on Potton                                                             George Howe

               Edgar (Stinger) Britten                                                   Ken Lawson

               History of Potton Flower & Vegetable Show               Colin D Buxton

               Scotland the Brave                                                        Keith Lawrence

Central Potton 1754                                                          Keith Lawrence

46 SPRING 2009

               50 Years Service to Potton United FC                             Colin D Buxton

               Provincialisms of Bedfordshire 1                                     Peter Ibbett

               What’s in a Name

               History of Potton Flower Show 1                                     Colin D Buxton

               Voyage of Discovery                                                     Keith  Lawrence

               A Little Light Relief                                                        Keith  Lawrence

               What was the Weather like on Christmas Day?               Peter Ibbett

47 Autumn 2009

               History of Potton Flower Show 2                                     Colin D Buxton

               A Dream Too Far (Airship History)                                   Keith  Lawrence

               From Dark Ages to the Digital Age                                    Sean Hendy

               Provincialisms of Bedfordshire 2                                   Peter Ibbett

               Diamond Couple (Bob & Prim Darlow)   

               The Tysoe Ledgers & Potton Brass Band                        Peter Ibbett

               70 Years Ago                                                                Keith  Lawrence

               Rising Sun Public House                                                John Boston

48 Spring 2010

Time Capsule at Congregational Chapel                         George Howe

The Three Market Towns DVD                                       George Howe

History of Potton Flower Show 3                                     Colin D Buxton

The Other Potton Car                                                     Keith  Lawrence

William H Giggle:- The other Potton Blacksmith               John Boston

Potton Markets:- 1066; 1892;  2009

A Question of Pigs

49 Summer 2010

A Ring of Coincidences Around the World                       George Howe

What were They Used For?

Potton & District Working Men’s Club                              Ken Lawson

Vintage Olive Green Glass Seal                                     Keith  Lawrence

History of Potton Flower Show 4                                     Colin D Buxton

Another Australian Coincidence                                      Keith  Lawrence

The Coincidences Continue                                            Mary Leigh

50 Spring 2011

50th Edition of the Newsletter                                          George Howe

1911 Census Enumerators for Potton                                Peter Ibbett

Historians Pudding                                                          John Boston

Mystery Object

The Bedfordshire Magazine & Potton                                  Peter Ibbett

A Bedfordshire Education Committee Badge                   Keith Lawrence

Potton Senior School                                                               Mary Leigh

Walter Robarts Maths Problem                                              Peter Ibbett

History of Potton Flower Show 5                                           Colin Buxton

Albert Field’s Voyage of Transition                                     Keith Lawrence

100 years ago                                                                     Keith Lawrence

51 Autumn 2011

Philip Westmoreland’s Weather Records 2010                   Peter Ibbett

New Additions to the Archives                                             Peter Ibbett

Potto Brown – Village Philanthropist                                     Mary Leigh

Potton Pubs Past & Present                                             Keith Lawrence

History of Potton Flower Show 7                                     Colin D Buxton

Continuing Adventures of Albert Edward Field                Keith Lawrence

Domesday Reloaded 1986 test for Potton                           Peter Ibbett

Domesday Book 1086                                                           Mary Lei

52 Spring 2012

Two Potton History Community Projects                             Peter Ibbett

Bus Rides of Yesteryear No 1                                         Keith Lawrence

A Newspaper Delivery Boy Remembers                            John Boston

The 1697 Great Storm at Potton                                           Mary Leigh

History of Potton Flower Show 8                                     Colin D Buxton

Bus Rides of Yesteryear No 2                                         Keith Lawrence

A brief history of the Theobalds                                Dorothy Theobalds

Home Guard Photograph information.                                  Peter Ibbett

Dig & Sow Event

53 Autumn 2012

Potton Time Team 26th May 2012                                  Keith Lawrence

Back Garden Archaeological Dig                                     Keith Lawrence

Diamond Jubilee Weekend                                                  Pat Thwaites

First day with Tractor FBM 450                                           John Butcher

Party on Potton 2012                                                          George Howe

Potton Water Supply:- Parish Meeting 101 Years Ago         Peter Ibbett

Another Australian Emigrant                                             Keith Lawrence

54 Spring 2014

From Titanic to the Jet Engine                                        Keith Lawrence

Remembering World War One Pt A Darlow

Potton War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony

The Royal Scot Train Tours, N. America 1933 Pt 1       Keith Lawrence

The Potton Pubs Tea Towel

From the Archives – Potton Weather                                   Peter Ibbett

From the Archives – Weather Photographic Album             Peter Ibbett

From the Archives –  Scrapbooks                                        Peter Ibbett

55  Autumn 2014

Tributes to Beryl Howe                                Mary Leigh, Keith Lawrence

The Potton Car, an Update                                               George Howe

Biggles FM 104.8                                                              George Howe

St Swithin’s Chapel                                                               Mary Leigh

From an Overseas Member Cyril Goldsmith

The Royal Scot Train Tours, N. America 1933 Pt 2        Keith Lawrence

The House That Our Society Built PHS Web Site               Sean Hendy

HMS Bedfordshire (FY141)                                             Keith Lawrence

A Tribute to Patricia Yates                                                 George Howe

56 Spring 2014

A Tribute to Anita Lewis

A Star Attraction (The Potton Car)                                    Keith Lawrence

A Tribute to Society Members, past & present     Swain Family Australia    

Wrights of Gamlingay Farm Cart                                       Keith Lawrence

Memories of  Lorien’s Factory                                                Sean Hendy

The Royal Scot Train Tours, N. America 1933 Pt 3          Keith Lawrence

57 Autumn 2014

Potton Show 2014                                                               George Howe

Party on Potton 2014                                                           George Howe

Army Manoeuvres in 1912                                                   George Howe

From Mons to the Somme Pt 1  Hubert Spencer Diaries       Peter Ibbett

Horses at War                                                                     Keith Lawrence

The Soldiers Kiss                                                                Keith Lawrence

The Victoria Cross                                                              Keith Lawrence

16 Year Olds’s Naval VC                                                      Keith Lawrence

Royal Flying Corps WW1                                                      Keith Lawrence

58 Spring 2015

A Tribute to Ken William Lawson                                       George Howe

And Welcome to a New Committee Member                       Ellen Collier

The Old Warden Pear Tree and Abbey                            Keith Lawrence

Sandy Road Cemetery Burials 1882- 2013                          Peter Ibbett

From Mons to the Somme Pt 2 Hubert Spencer Diaries      Peter Ibbett

Potton Belgian Refugee Committee      

On the Trail of Emily Shore – Part 2                                      Peter Ibbett

Ken Lawson Remembered                                           Keith G Lawrence

59 Autumn 2015

Robert George Darlow                                                        George Howe

The Greensand Ridge Coach Trip                                      George Howe

Little Eva:- The Potton Car                                                  George Howe

On the Trail of  Emily Shore Part 3                                         Peter Ibbett

A Coincident!                                                                      Keith Lawrence

Potton in the Reign of Edward III  1327 – 1377    

From Mons to the Somme Pt 3 Hubert Spencer Diaries        Peter Ibbett

New Archive Items

60 Spring 2016

Archive Rooms – The Move                                                    Peter Ibbett

From Mons to the Somme, Pt 4 Hubert Spencer Diaries       Peter Ibbett

Digging up the Past                                                                Peter Ibbett

Ecclesiastical Census – 1851     DW Bushby (1975)

Potton, a Brief History    

A Hay problem

Gardeners on the Greensand, by Rex Whitfield Review by  Peter Ibbett   

Aims of the Potton History Society

61 Winter 2016

A Complete “Potton” for £30,000                                     Leigh Belcham

PHS Website, The new Society Website                      Kevin Thompson

Snowbound in Potton – 1947                                               John Butcher

First sight of Airlander, the Martha Gwyn                         Keith Lawrence

Looking back on Potton in 30 years                                    Stan K Evers

Bedfordshire Local History Association Conference              Peter Ibbett

Little Eva                                                                             George Howe

62 Spring 2017

Archives – A new Acquisition                                                   Peter Ibbett

Archive Room Update                                                             Peter Ibbett

Some Coincidences                                                               Pat Thwaites

PHS Facebook                                                                Kevin Thompson

40 Years ago

Ancient Potton Manor House                                              Keith Lawrence

Obituary – F.W.Jakes MBE                                                    George Howe

Hubert Spencer memories

Biggleswade Chronicle 1916 WW1 Losses   Extracts by   Keith Lawrence

Story in Stone                                                                        George Howe

Potton Oak Tree                                                                      John Boston

1977 Biggleswade Chronicle News                                      Keith Lawrence

The Warden Pear and William Shakespeare                        Keith Lawrence

Potton’s Highways and Byways                                            Keith Lawrence

63 Autumn 2017

Potton Celebrates the Queens Silver Jubilee                          John Boston

Letters to Biggleswade Chronicle

Potton History Society, The Beginning                                     John Boston

Memories of Potton History Society                                            Trevor Ball

Anniversary Dinners

Archive Rooms (Part 2)                                                              Peter Ibbett

Potton Show 2017                                                                     John Boston

Story in Stone (Part 2)                                                             George Howe

WW1 Letter to a Potton Schoolgirl                                        Keith Lawrence

Keith Lawrence Models                                                            John Boston

Potton, a Town of Charm   “Focus on Potton 1977”

Pottons Pubs in 1903

64 Spring  2018

Archive Rooms (Part 3)                                                              Peter Ibbett

Celebrating 40 years of Potton History Society                       George Howe

Story in Stone Part 3                                                               George Howe

Our Chairman Meets Lord Peel

Connie & The Potton Egg                                                     Keith Lawrence

109366 Pte E C Gurnett                                                       Keith Lawrence

Memories Of The Edwards Family Bakers                              John Boston

A Brush With the Law                                                              John Butcher

A Tribute to Robert Victor Trigg                                              George Howe

My Potton Windmill Model                                                    Keith Lawrence

65 Autumn  2018

News 40 Years ago

Archive Rooms (Part4) Official Opening                                 Peter Ibbett

Greensand Country Exhibition                                               George Howe

Potton’s Greensand Heritage Exhibition                                  Peter Ibbett

Party On Potton 2018                                                            George Howe

Potton Show 2018                                                                  George Howe

Potton Apple Day                                                                    George Howe

Writing Potton Manor:-  An Enigma                                           Trevor Ball

James Blundell:- Self-Made Man Of Victorian Potton            Rex Whitfield

WW1 Humour August 1916                                                  Keith Lawrence

WW1 Reports Pt Richardson/ Armond/L/Cpl Hall                 Keith Lawrence

66 Spring  2019

Photographs Wanted For our Archives                                     Peter Ibbett

Thunderstorm Kills Young Man at Potton 1914                         Peter Ibbett

Fred Dibnah Steeplejack                                                      Keith Lawrence

From The Archives:- New Items                                                Peter Ibbett

Scout Hut geology Site                                                           George Howe

Potton Scouts                                                                           John Boston

Presentation to S-Major Hutchinson 1916                                 Peter Ibbett

Potton Wesleyan Church Bazaar 1888                                      Peter Ibbett

Fowl Work. Hen stealing in Potton in 1936                                Peter Ibbett

Society Saves Old Films in 1978                                              John Boston

Harry Grey Chauffeur at Hatley Orchards                            Keith Lawrence

Spring Has Sprung: A weather Guide                                  Keith Lawrence

67 Autumn  2019

WW1 Walter Payne Memorial Items                                        Peter Ibbett

PHS at May Day / Potton Show /Apple Day                         George Howe

Rev Gill Smith’s Retirement                                                   George Howe

Mystery Objects

Order of Buffaloes at Royal Oak                                              Peter Ibbett

Paint Your Family History Fred Collins                                    Peter Ibbett

Sutton Village Items

Hutchinson Family History                                                    Heather Curry

Memories of Past Christmas Carols                                   Keith Lawrence

68 Summer  2020

Mrs General Booth visits Potton in 1919                               Peter Ibbett

Who Was George Hite?                                                          Sue Foote

Willow Road Resurfaces                                                    Rex Whitfield

Joachim Ronneberg WW2 Saboteur                                 Keith Lawrence

Down At The Annexe:- Visiting Groups                                Peter Ibbett

Mystery Object No 3

WW2 Norwegian Saboteurs                                              Keith Lawrence

69 Winter  2020

Keith Lawrence Obituary                                                    George Howe

Programme Secretary’s Report 2020                                   Peter Ibbett

Keith Lawrence’s Contribution to PHS                                  Peter Ibbett

Potton Hall For All Letter of Support                                   George Howe

Dramatic History of Talented Pottonians                         Marcia Jackson

1939 Register of Potton                                                      Heather Curry

70 Summer 2021

John Boston Obituary                                                           George Howe

Trevor Ball    Obituary                                                           George Howe

The Programme That Never Was                                            Peter Ibbett

Autumn Programme Update                                                    Peter Ibbett

Churchwardens Accounts 1638-9                                        Heather Curry

Campling Street                                                                       Peter Ibbett

How Old is the Market Square Photograph?

Stella Tysoe Sharp:- A Cardington Story                                 Peter Ibbett

The Potton Car Factory That Never Was                                 Peter Ibbett

Charity Begins At Home                                                           Peter Ibbett

71 Autumn 2021

Programme 2022                                                                     Peter Ibbett

Potton History Society Printers                                                Peter Ibbett

The Moving Gravestone                                                           Peter Ibbett

Keith Lawrence and St. Mary’s Church                                    Peter Ibbett

Potton and the Census                                                              Peter Ibbett

Potton Show & Apple Day 2021                                            George Howe

Sarah Gardiner:- Potton’s West Country Poet                          Peter Ibbett

Potton Bowls Club on Sky TV                                                    Chris Miles

A Sutton Vicar’s Potton Diary Entries                                       Peter Ibbett

Potton Date Bricks                                                                     Chris Miles

72 Spring 2022

Programme 2022                                                                   Penny Bustin

The Surprises of being Secretary                                             Chris Miles

The missing 18 days of a Potton tanner                                   Gerry Gray

How Potton Has Celebrated                                                 Penny Bustin

Recent Meetings:-                                                                 

Edwardian Musicians/ Pictorial Potton

Potton War Memorial dedication by Henry Tysoe/ Missing Names                 

1931 Runaway Horse in Potton streets

Potton Street Names

The Importance of the 1939 Register                                  

1921 Census:- Not plain Sailing  

 Royal Observer Corps     

73 Autumn  2022

The Chairman’s 80th!  Members visit the Station                 Penny Bustin

The 1939 Register of Potton  &  Potton’s Evacuees            Heather Curry

How Potton marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  

More emerges about the Manor’s Secrets                              Chris Miles

Michael Horgan Obituary                                                     George Howe

Alan Rothery Obituary                                                          George Howe

Summer & Autumn Talks Reprised                                       Penny Bustin

Gerry Gray’s Prison Warders Life

Winnie Crossley Pioneer Aviator; Archive Evening

Current Potton:- Some Interesting Facts                               Penny Bustin

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