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43 AUTUMN 2007                                                                                                                    

Potton Car – Little Eva    George Howe

Places to Visit     George Howe

Developments in the Archives     Peter Ibbett

Potton Manor – Another Episode    Bob Ingledew

On the Trail of JA1874 Pt.1    Keith Lawrence

Byng, Torrington, Whitbread – The Potton Connection    Patricia R Yates

A Local Football Match – Beds Times Dec.1874   Keith Lawrence

Changing Times – Verse    Keith Lawrence

44 SPRING 2008

30th Anniversary of the Launch of PHS    Peter Ibbett

A Snippet of the Secret History of RAF Tempsford    Keith Lawrence

HM Forces Rest Room and Canteen

On the Trail of ‘JA1874’ – Part 2    Keith Lawrence

Potton History Society – How Things Began     Patricia R Yates

A Photo in a Biscuit Tin     George Howe

We’ll Eat Again     Anita Lewis

Another Czech Story     Keith Lawrence

45 AUTUMN 2008

An Introduction to Potton Charities     Patricia R Yates

From Cornwall to Potton     Keith Lawrence

Tempsford Airfield 1942 – 1945    Keith Lawrence

Party on Potton     George Howe

Edgar (Stinger) Britten     Ken Lawson

History of Potton Flower & Vegetable Show      Colin D Buxton

Scotland the Brave      Keith Lawrence

Central Potton 1754      Keith Lawrence

46 SPRING 2009

50 Years Service to Potton United FC    Colin D Buxton

Provincialisms of Bedfordshire 1    Peter Ibbett

What’s in a Name

History of Potton Flower Show 1    Colin D Buxton

Voyage of Discovery    Keith Lawrence

A Little Light Relief     Keith Lawrence

What was the Weather like on Christmas Day?   Peter Ibbett

47 Autumn 2009

History of Potton Flower Show 2     Colin D Buxton

A Dream Too Far (Airship History)     Keith Lawrence

From Dark Ages to the Digital Age    Sean Hendy

Provincialisms of Bedfordshire 2    Peter Ibbett

Diamond Couple (Bob & Prim Darlow)

The Tysoe Ledgers & Potton Brass Band    Peter Ibbett

70 Years Ago     Keith Lawrence

Rising Sun Public House    John Boston

48 Spring 2010

Time Capsule at Congregational Chapel      George Howe

The Three Market Towns DVD    George Howe

History of Potton Flower Show 3    Colin D Buxton

The Other Potton Car    Keith Lawrence

William H Giggle:- The other Potton Blacksmith     John Boston

Potton Markets:- 1066; 1892; 2009

A Question of Pigs

49 Autumn 2010

A Ring of Coincidences Around the World      George Howe

What were They Used For?

Potton & District Working Men’s Club      Ken Lawson

Vintage Olive Green Glass Seal     Keith Lawrence

History of Potton Flower Show 4    Colin D Buxton

Another Australian Coincidence     Keith Lawrence

The Coincidences Continue    Mary Leigh

50 Spring 2011

50th Edition      Mary Leigh

1911 Potton Census Enumerators     Peter Ibbett

Historians Pudding     John Boston

Bedfordshire Magazine & Potton     Peter Ibbett

Beds Education Committee Badge   Keith Lawrence

Potton Senior School    Mary Leigh

History of Potton Flower Show 5    Colin D Buxton

Mystery Object    Keith Lawrence

Albert Field’s Voyage from Stratton to Australia    Keith Lawrence

51 Autumn 2011

Philip Westmoreland’s Weather Records 2010   Peter Ibbett

New Additions to the Archives     Peter Ibbett

Potto Brown – Village Philanthropist    Mary Leigh

Potton Pubs Past & Present    Keith Lawrence

History of Potton Flower Show 6    Colin D Buxton

Continuing Adventures of Albert Edward Field    Keith Lawrence

Domesday Reloaded 1986 test for Potton   Peter Ibbett

Domesday Book 1086    Mary Leigh

52 Spring 2012

Two Potton History Community Projects    Peter Ibbett

Bus Rides of Yesteryear No 1   Keith Lawrence

A Newspaper Delivery Boy Remembers    John Boston

The 1697 Great Storm at Potton    Mary Leigh

History of Potton Flower Show 7    Colin D Buxton

Bus Rides of Yesteryear No 2    Keith Lawrence

A brief history of the Theobalds    Dorothy Theobalds

Home Guard Photograph information.   Peter Ibbett

Dig & Sow Event

53 Autumn 2012

Potton Time Team 26th May 2012    Keith Lawrence

Back Garden Archaeological Dig     Keith Lawrence

First day with Tractor FBM 450    John Butcher

Party on Potton 2012    George Howe

Potton Water Supply:- Parish Meeting 101 Years Ago   Peter Ibbett

Another Australian Emigrant    Keith Lawrence


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