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30. SPRING 2001                                                                                              

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The Enumerator’s Tale – A Poem

Bob Darlow – Sutton Postman      Bob Darlow/Philip Westmoreland

Chimney Stacks – A Potted History     Keith Lawrence

Year 2000 weather      

A Senior Citizen Defined      R Cooper

Ken’s Poem

31. AUTUMN 2001

Bedfordshire Conference at Clapham     Peter Ibbett

A Remarkable Piece of Detective Work – Mary Ann Sabey and George Inskip   Alan Sabey

Chancery – June 1737 – Elaynor Apthorpe   Norman Parry

Sutton Memories     Pat Thwaites

Wartime Memories -The Police Cycle Messenger Service     Ken Lawson

Potton – A seat of learning?   Norman Parry

The Captain of the Men of Death – Notice of Bedford Board Of Health    Jean McLennan

And Smallpox Too!

What to Believe – History of Fox and Crown PH    Norman Parry

A Day out with Potton History Society     Keith Lawrence

Two Mysterious Letters – Geo James Day & JN Bitterill    Peter Ibbett

32. SPRING 2002

A Tribute to Michael and Muriel Ibbett     Peter Ibbett

Mystery of a Green Glass Seal – Found in Horne Lane   Patricia Yates

Bedfordshire War Memorial Project     Ken Lawson

In Celebration of Norman Parry’s Life with PHS    George Howe

Edward Hutchinson and Gordon Jack Hutchinson    Jack Hutchinson

Advertising as an Art Form    Vera Parry

If only Bricks could Talk Part 1    Peter Ibbett

A Little Bit of Family History –Willie Oliver Baynes      Keith Lawrence

33. AUTUMN 2002

Potton Celebrates Again – The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

and our Own Silver Jubilee       George Howe

My Model of Potton Shambles 1995      Keith Lawrence

An Appreciation of Trevor Ball     Patricia Yates

If Only Bricks Could Talk – Pt 2 –

The Life and Times of a Potton Shop – Brick Fatigue     Peter Ibbett

34. SPRING 2003

PHS Enters the Digital Age     Peter Ibbett

The Cemetery Project     Ken Lawson

Potton History Society’s Silver Jubilee Dinner     George Howe

A Glimpse into the Past – Rose & Crown    Patricia Yates

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations in Potton

31st May to 4th June 2002     Pat & Brian Thwaites

Visit to Tempsford Airfield 27th July 2002    Jean McLennan

Cinemas – Local in Bedfordshire     Jean McLennan

If only Bricks Could Talk – Part 3    Peter Ibbett

35. AUTUMN 2003

The Mystery Sign up Gam’gy Road      George Howe

Canned Laughter      Keith Lawrence

Rodents in the Market Square     Ken Lawson

Sutton Packhorse Bridge     Don Hill

Committee Members 1977 – 2003   Patricia Yates

If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 4    Peter Ibbett

A Wonderful day Out    Mary Leigh

36 SPRING 2004

The Mystery of the Sign up Gamgy Road – Part 2    George Howe

Archive Quiz Dec 2003

Sutton Packhorse Bridge in my Lifetime     Christine Harper

Memories of Potton    Jean McLennan

The Coach Trip     Keith Lawrence

Michaelmas Labour Fairs     Jean McLennan

Two Peters of Potton     Peter Ibbett

The Smoothing Iron     Keith Lawrence

A Winters Tale    Jean McLennan

If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 5    Peter Ibbett

Salute the Soldier Week

37 AUTUMN 2004

Letters      Bob Darlow

Party On Potton – 2004     George Howe

Sutton Packhorse Bridge     Don Hill

The Sod      Bazaar at Potton     Jean McLennan

A Interesting Will      Norman Parry

The Churchyard Wall     Anita Lewis

38 SPRING 2005

Music Making in Potton     George Howe

Charity Concert 1982     Patricia Yates

If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part  6     Peter Ibbett

The Sod – Trodden by Ancient Feet Part 2    Keith Lawrence

Potton Home Guard     R G Darlow

Memories of World War Two at Potton      Cyril Goldsmith

Potton to Sutton Circular Walk      Christine Harper

Oh Roses of England!      Keith Lawrence

39 AUTUMN 2005

Solstice – A Very Ancient Celebration     Gerard Leduc (Potton Canada)

If Only Bricks Could Talk Part 7     Peter Ibbett

William Wisdom’s View of Potton

Flag Fen Trip     Keith Lawrence

Coach Trip 2005 – The Inside Story      George Howe

Two War Time Memories     Bob Darlow

Two Ghost Stories     Cyril Goldsmith

Dangerous Times

The Sod – Trodden by Ancient Feet –The Roman Coin     Keith Lawrence

40 SPRING 2006

On The Road in 1910      Keith Lawrence

If Only Bricks Could Talk – Part 8     Peter Ibbett

A Mole in Cambridgeshire Record Office

Elizabeth Wagstaff      Patricia Yates

Polling Day April 1879     Jean McLennan

The Sod – The Search Expands     Keith Lawrence

Who Asked Them to Come     Cyril Goldsmith

41 AUTUMN 2006

50 Years of the Clockhouse

The Last Clock Winder    George Howe

Party on Potton 2006

Potton Town Walk     George Howe

Milestones      Keith Lawrence

Potton Gas & Coke Co

Biggleswade Poor Law Union    Jean McLennan

Potton Drainage

The Sod – After Archaeologists Exploratory Dig    Keith Lawrence

Writing History     Stan K Evers

Cemetery Statistics 1882-2005      Ken Lawson

42 SPRING 2007

2007 Local History Conference & AGM

Shocking Railway Accident       Keith Lawrence

Potton & District Working Men’s Club     Ken Lawson

My First Trip to Helions Bumpstead      Keith Lawrence

Home Cures    Jean McLennan

St. Benoit-du-lac – Lake Memphremagog     Peter Downman

How was Soot Used in Bedfordshire

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