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17. AUTUMN 1994                                                                                                              

Exploring Ickwell – 1994 Mid Beds Conference.    Peter Ibbett

The History of Potton Trust Fund – A Royal Connection     Patricia Yates

Early Working Days Remembered 1937-1957    John Whitmore

A Victorian Ornithologist – Diary of Emily Shore   Boo Matthews

Life in 1945 – Request for Memories of this year     Peter Ibbett

18. SPRING 1995

B1040 to Crowland – Report of Day Trip 1994    Peter Ibbett

Saint Waltheof – Owner of Potton during time of WilliamThe Conquerer    Mary Leigh

From Kings Cross to Potton – Joseph Thomas Smith  Frank Sells

Aircraft Crash in Potton Wood in 1945   Tony Crossley

100 Years of Potton Town Council    Anita Lewis

Unveiling new Town Sign by Eric Jakes    Anita Lewis

19.AUTUMN 1995

Archive Room News

New Logo and model of Market Square     Keith Lawrence

The Greensand Ridge Trip   Peter Ibbett

The Richardson Family of Potton 1600-1800    Anita Lewis

Land Settlement Association     Norman Parry

Bring out the Guns    Phyllis Collins

The Toddington Conference     Peter Ibbett

20. SPRING 1996

Bedfordshire Local History Association

Coach Trip 1996 – North Beds – Announcement

New Publication – Tracing Your Ancestors in Beds

Jazz on the Lawn at Cockayne Hatley Announcement

21. AUTUMN 1996

Bedfordshire Local History Conference at Biggleswade    Peter Ibbett

The Return of the Potton Car    Tony Crossley

Potton Car Company      Donald Huckle

Discovering North Beds   Coach Trip    Peter Ibbett

Potton 1945     Patricia Yates

Policy for Retaining Archive Material

22. SPRING 1997

United Reformed or Congregational Church      Norman Parry

Bedfordshire Local History Association – AGM

A Job Well Done – Restoration on Two Manor Pictures    Keith Lawrence

Memories of a Lifetime in Potton – Violet Louise Taylor

Potton Car Company – Part 2

Newcastle to Biggleswade by Boat     Peter Ibbett

On the Trail of the Cycling Club    Mary Leigh

23. AUTUMN 1997

Potton Car     George Howe

Research Report No. 6- Land Usage and Enclosures

1997 Beds Local History Conference Dunstable    Peter Ibbett

In Memorium – Frederick Spriggs

In There and Aussie in your Attic

More Australian Connections     Norman Parry

An Apology – Re letter from Miss Collins to Malcolm Stewart

                        in Newsletter 19 – the lady was Phyllis Clayton

South Bedfordshire Trip – Society Coach Trip    Peter Ibbett

Proposed Everton Heath Airfield     Norman Parry

24.SPRING 1998

Recent Additions to the Collection – Ken Lawson’s Biography

Methodist Chapel – Historical details

Advert – Potton Manor – an Enigma    Trevor Ball

Photographic Collection

The Life and Times of an Ordinary Pottonian     Ken Lawson

The 1901 Census – Preview of this Census

How others see us – Report of an Australian’s visit to Potton

In Memory of Frederick Spriggs

25. AUTUMN 1998

Lectern and Stand for the Society 1998     Keith Lawrence

Cockayne Hatley – Extracts from J M Neale’s Diary

A Bit of Military History – John Sabey’s Will 1815     Norman Parry

School Visitors – Potton School 1936/37    Roy Rodwell

Poem by Nellie Richardson on School Life in Potton 1910

The Moving Population George Minnett & Vic Bumberry      Norman Parry

The Complete English Traveller by Nathaniel Spencer 1771

The 10th Beds Conference – Cockayne Hatley    Peter Ibbett

26 SPRING 1999

21st Anniversary Dinner     Jean McLennan

After the Dinner     Peter Ibbett

Wrestlingworth Murder – Sarah Dazeley   R J Cooper

Letter from South Africa - re Bumberry   C V T Bumberry

Into the Bumberry Archives      Norman Parry

The John O’Gaunt Connection     Patricia Yates

The Burgoyne Connection      Patricia Yates

Personal Memories 1975-1985     Patricia Yates

27. AUTUMN 1999

Microfiche – List of available Records      Norman Parry

Carlton Mid Beds History Conference 5th June 1999    Peter Ibbett

A Job Worth Doing – Recording Memorials    Ken Lawson

Historic Money Values    Jean McLennan

Sarah Carter 1793-1865      Norman Parry

National Census Information 1881 and 1901    Norman Parry

To Buckden – Eventually - Coach Trip to Buckden      Peter Ibbett

A Family Tale of the Boer War – Thomas Parry    Norman Parry

The Price of Christianity – from Parish Register     Jean McLennan

A Visit to Cockayne Hatley – Extracts from Diary ofJ M Neale in 1839    Tony Crossley

28. SPRING 2000

Parish Registers – Cambridgeshire

1901 Census Project      Norman Parry

Potton at the South Pole – Potton Homes Logo

Potton in 1899     Peter Ibbett

The Garden at Chatsworth    Duchess of Devonshire

Mr John Alexander Whitehead of Cockayne Hatley –Aircraft Manufacturer   Tony Crossley

The Lacemakers of Bedfordshire     Jean McLennan

The 1881 Census     Norman Parry

29. AUTUMN 2000

12th Bedfordshire Conference June 2000-Roxton     Peter Ibbett

Our Potton Millennium Celebrations     George Howe

Time for Reflection – A playlet     Keith Lawrence

In at The Deep End – Keith Lawrence reflects on his acting for the Millennium Show    Keith Lawrence

Potton Weather - Lightning Strikes The Paddocks     Norman Parry

Potton Public Houses – Biggleswade Chronicle Article      Norman Parry

Not a Village – Reflecting on ad by Persimmon Homes      Jean McLennan

From Coalbrookdale to Potton       Peter Ibbett

1901 Census Project

World War One – POW Camps      Norman Parry

A Step into the World of Romanticism – Roxton Congregational Church    Jean McLennan

1881 Census – Former Potton Residents     Norman Parry

Mr Smith the Blacksmith – Reminiscences of Frank Sells

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